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Home Information Packs

The Home Information Pack (also known as the HIP) is compulsory for most homes on the market in England and Wales. From 6 April 2009, important changes will be made to HIPs. This means better information will be available from the first day a property is put on the market.

  • Why do you need a HIP?

    A HIP is a set of documents that provides the buyer with key information on the property and must be provided by the seller or the seller's agent. It is a legal requirement to have a HIP and you can't market your property without one.

    The HIP lets buyers see important information about the property at the start of the process, free of charge. This means there is less chance of buyers becoming aware of any surprises at the end of the process. The HIP can help reduce delays and extra expense to the buyer and seller.

  • What does a HIP contain?

    The HIP is made up of required (compulsory) and authorised (optional) items.

    There shouldn't be any marketing or advertising material in the pack, so make sure it contains official information only.

  • Compulsory documents
    * Home Information Pack Index
    * Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ)
    * Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
    * Sustainability information (required for newly built homes)
    * Sale statement
    * Evidence of title
    * Standard searches (local authority and drainage and water)
  • Leasehold properties
    * All the compulsory documents above
    * Copy of the lease
  • How long is Home Information Pack Valid for?
    * HIPs have no expiry date.
    * All documents must be less than three months old for inclusion in a pack except the EPC which may be up to 3 years old.
    * No component of the Pack should be more than 12 months old on the day the property goes on sale.

Please contact us for more information or visit Directgov.